I met up with a potential supervisor two weeks ago and they were very keen on my topic (on literature). They took a hard copy of my draft proposal to read and told me I will be contacted in a week. However it has been two weeks and I have not heard anything. I have sent a follow up email saying if my proposal is not appropriate, I would be happy to start from scratch again. There is no reply to that as well.

I am not sure what to do. If the proposal isn’t ok is it not professional to email and let me know? Given the initial enthusiasm of the supervisor and the silence since they took my draft, should I believe my proposal must be horribly wrong and must be binned?

I had a class last week and I was 10 minutes late. I missed part of the class, and I want to write an email to my professor to arrange a time to meet.

I prepared this email:

Dear …..

I’ve missed part of the previous session and this part is not clear for me. Could I meet up with you this week so you can explain it to me?

Thank you

Is it appropriate?

I’m an undergraduate in CSE doing research this summer under the guidance of a professor. After an initial repeating of a previous experiment, I’ve been reading relevant research papers for three weeks. The program ends on August 3rd, so I have less than a month left. The professor hasn’t said anything to me these past three weeks, and I don’t really know what to do since this is my first time. He is rather busy.

On Friday (3 days ago), I emailed him some general ideas of a research direction (very informal, I don’t think it was really a research topic proposal), and he responded: “Your ideas make lots of sense. Just go ahead”. Is this an “ok”? I feel like he’s upset (because of the word “just”), but I might be overthinking. Sorry kind of a stupid question, but this means I am free to continue (and that) he’s not upset?

Thank you

I have been rejected by a particular university for MS two times now. I really want to get into it to work with a professor. I am thinking of emailing him to ask him what I can do to improve myself to become acceptable. I am trying to improve myself on various fronts that I can think of, so I would like ask him if I am on right path. I am a first generation student and I have no guide to ask, so he is that only one I can think of, to ask these questions. What would be the proper subject line for this? Right now I have “Help needed to improve myself” as subject. In the body, I will explain my situation and ask him if he could give me some of his time. What would be the proper way to proceed in asking for his help?

I need your help on how to write a follow-up letter requesting a professor to act as an academic reference.

I wrote to the professor a couple of weeks ago but so far I have not had any response. The original e-mail explained how we met (I was a visiting student at her lab), how long ago that was, what I´ve been doing since then and why it is important for me to have her recommendation. I know she travels a lot but she always uses an out-of-office auto-reply, which I didn´t get this time, so I don´t know whether she even got the e-mail or not. Should I write a brief note indicating that I sent her an e-mail a few weeks back and then include the content of the original e-mail? (I am writing from another e-mail address in case the first one was blocked by the spam filter). Or should I merge the brief note and the original content in a new e-mail? Any help will be greatly appreciated!

A couple of months ago, I defended my Master’s thesis and got graduated. One of the referees, a professor of mine with a history of verbal contentions between us, did me an overt injustice and despite all my efforts, attacked me with her unfair judgement. I got angry and sent her an e-mail the other day, one could say explicitly offensive and disrespectful, implying her lack of knowledge and her biased criticisms. I also commented on her wasting too much time in social networks, rather than doing academic research.

I may have gone too far obviously for I heard she burst into tears after reading the e-mail, and has notified almost all other professors about it.
As a professor, do you still believe I have a chance to apologize the lady and ask for her forgiveness? If in her shoes, would you expect an apology e-mail or you’d prefer no more words from the arrogant student? If yes, what would you prefer to hear in the regret letter? And do you evaluate my reaction as provocative?

I have two advisors for phd from differnt countries. I recieved an email from first professor. I just forwarded his email to second professor for his information. I used the native language of the second professor when I forwarded the email including one general statement. Is forwarding with the native of second person is mistake?

I received an acceptance letter for my article and the letter said that the manuscript will be transferred to the production department and work will begin on the creation of the proof. They also said that if they need any additional information to create the proof they will let me know.

Now the problem is that my establishment email (the email that I was using to communicate) is not working because of problems with the university’s servers, and I don’t know how long it will take to solve the problem.

How can I proceed?