I’m currently in high school and was considering taking ME because I favour math and applied math over chemistry.
However, I have been more interested in joining the pharmaceutical/ medical utility industry than automotive/aeronautics industry. They’re ok it’s just that I prefer pharma.
I would have joined chemical engineering but with my wobbly chem fundamental I’m afraid my scores will be compromised.

What is my chance in pharma and what kind of work would I do?

I have a full time job but always interested in PhD. I did my masters in Aerospace and settled in my country. Based on my experience I can see that if the thesis is on computational field, my presence is not needed in the campus.

I can afford staying 2-3 weeks in the campus per year and I can use this time to meet my supervisor.

Hence, is there any such program in Europe or USA?

First things first. I am not a good person – I have never pretended to be. But I tried to make my parents (more importantly my dad) proud. Today I screwed up. I sat for an exam that I don’t understand the work for, despite trying my best. I got desperate (this module is a prerequisite for everything next year), and I cheated. I had all the tutorials on my phone (I study using my phone, not my laptop, I didn’t plan to cheat) and I tried to scrape together some answers. I was caught. Whatever happens I will not make credits this year (if I’m not expelled – which I deserve). I am so disgusted with myself. I have already taken full responsibility for my actions. No point in lying. I have struggled with engineering ever since I started (I’ve already taken 3 years to do 2 years worth of work). My question is, how do I handle myself going forward? What is the point of trying anymore?

Question: How can I formulate a hypothesis for an engineering project that I help to develop but probably won’t have time to test?

Explanation: The project is to develop a system that will train clinicians to write a certain kind of research data. This type of data will be posted into a community where clinicians can discuss and collaborate on it. I am working on this project and it will be the basis for my master thesis. The value of this project for the company is to generate more of the research data and to thus to create a community that actively discusses its products. Thus, my hypothesis could be something like: The new system will help to generate more research data and support discussion about the company’s products. However, I can’t test this hypothesis because the marketing and acceptance of the system will take too long. Thus, probably when the hypothesis would be testable (i.e. the first people are using it) I must have already delivered my thesis. I can’t think of a hypothesis that only includes the setup of such a system.

Can anyone think of something or give me some hints on how I can come up with a hypothesis or handle this situation?

I don’t know if my question is relevant to this forum but I’ll try to ask it hopingly.

I’m a senior bachelor’s student in Computer Engineering. Before entering university I was so interested in Psychology and I still am. In fact, I’m so interested in cognitive sciences.

I do love my current field of study, but my background in mathematics is not that good to allow me to work on currently open challenges in Computer Science. I mostly consider Computer Engineering as part of my business career rather than research field, as I’m fairly good at professional skills a regular computer engineer should have to get a fairly good job.

But, I am very enthusiastic about management and mostly Human Resources Management. More precisely, I’d love to research around subjects like Talent Management, Productivity, Motivation, Organizational Structures, agility, learning organizations and HR training.

I guess I’d better studied Industrial Engineering and just learned software development on my own.

Now I’m applying for Master of Information Technology Engineering, which is a combination of Computer Engineering and IT management. The reason I’m choosing this is that there’s a better chance for me to be accepted in the entrance exam because the exam provisions are 90% from what I have studied in bachelor’s degree.

I always feel uncertain about my choices.

What do you recommend? please advise.