I have just read about “German Phd in industry” in the site, “Research-in-Germany”. It says that even if I get a phd position in industry, I need a university professor to supervise my research and award the doctor degree.

*So, I wonder if a company accept me, I should work in the company or University (Physically, I often need to go to the company (or not), and no need to go to University).

The circumstance :

  1. I finished a master program (in engineering) in Germany a while ago with quite good grades (score of 1.**).
  2. Immediately after the defense, the professor asked me the plan afterwards, and offered a Phd scholarship (1100 euro per month), not employee-contract.
  3. I reacted positively.
  4. However, I found several interesting PhD positions that give more support financially.
  5. So, I want to ask the professor if he can write reference letters for me to apply to other labs.
  6. But I am worried about getting rejected from the other labs, and also losing my chance for a position with my current supervisor.

So, if I ask for the reference letters to apply to other labs, is the opportunity (of 1100 euro/month) gone automatically? Would this be rude?

The circumstance :

  1. I got finished the master program(engineering) in Germany (for a while ago/ with quite good grade 1.**)
  2. Immediately after the defense, the professor asked me the plan afterwards, and offered a Phd scholarship(1100 euro per month), not employee-contract.
  3. and I reacted positively.
  4. However, I found several interesting phd positions which giving more support financially.
  5. So I want to ask to the professor if the reference letters can be written for me to apply other labs.
  6. But I am worrying the case I get rejected from the other labs, and I could lose the chance of the phd position I already got from the current professor.

So , If I ask the reference letters for applying another labs, then the opportunity(1100 euro) is gone automatically? I mean, does it look a bit of rude?

I am currently looking for a PhD in computer science for the fall in France, Germany and Switzerland. Although I still find some offers, I think applying in June is quite late.

What are the common periods to apply for a PhD in those countries and in which month do people usually start their PhD? Is it common to start it at the beginning of the summer semester?

I need to use images related to “cricket umpire signals” in my paper. I want to create a new image by putting some of these small images together along with graphs and comments next to them. But my concern is the copyright issue when i take those small images from websites.

I found the images on many websites such as BBC or WordPress blogs.


But BBC says that they don’t own all of the images on their website, and they don’t reply back fast. and on other websites, there is nothing specifically said regarding the copyright license.

I’m writing the paper for an ECML/PKDD workshop (computer science) in europe and I live in Germany.

My master thesis was the gratest sh*tshow that ever happened in my life.
Fortunately I did manage to put it all together and submit it. After that I booked a defense date which is tomorrow.
In the meantime, 2 days ago I got the reviews for my master thesis from both professors and I barely passed the written thesis with score of 3.7 (1-Excellent and 5-Fail) with a lot of questions about my approach and structure.
I don’t mind ending with a bad grade as it was not up to the quality.

But, I am now in panic and anxiety for the last few days. I don’t know how I will defend my thesis.

Would anybody guide me how to defend a bad graded thesis?
I am based in Germany. What are my chances that I failed the defense despite passing the written thesis?

My mind is blank at the moment due to anxiety as I did not get enough time to digest my results.
What should be my approch?

Do German universities (specifically, Technical Universities) take mid-career professionals from other countries (i.e., the USA) for PhD studies?

I am trying to grasp how that process would work – or if it would work – for someone with family & in their mid-30s.

N.b., I am aware that the system is different, i.e., Funded PhD position chances for international students in Austria.

My field is computer science, if that matters.

I am currently writing my Master’s thesis in a German University. I would like to apply for a PhD position in a German university too. I am keeping my current university in consideration but I want to know the name of some other universities too. I know a few names e.g. TU Munich, TU Ilmenau, TU Dresden, etc. Could anyone name some other universities which offer PhD program in a good international environment? My fields of interest are DSP and telecommunication.
Thanks in advance.

I’m an American that has been accepted into Neuroscience Masters programs at both schools and am currently deciding which I will enroll in. I know choosing the right grad program has a lot to do with how the work done by the faculty at an institute matches with your interests, but the environment plays a role as well. Since I’m not from Germany, I’m interested in whether anyone here as attended these schools and if so, how do they feel about them? Is there a good school atmosphere there?

On a side note, how does the prestige/reputation of these schools compare against each other as well as other schools in Germany?