I got mostly A’s during 9th grade. However, I mostly got B’s during 10th grade. I went to one AP class during 9th grade and one AP class in 10th grade, both of which I got B’s in all semesters. I mostly go to Honors classes. I attended the chess and robotics clubs during 9th grade and the chess and speech/debate clubs during 10th grade. I currently have a 3.7 GPA. I have still two more years of high school. Will I be able to get into a highly selective university?

My school gives me my GPA as a percentage out of 100. If I have 91.55% overall, websites like this and this claim that this is equivalent to a 3.7 GPA. Is it then valid to write on my resume that I have a 3.7 GPA, or would this in some way be misleading or disadvantageous?

Furthermore, if I am able to raise this percentage to 93%, would it be valid to then report that I have a 4.0 GPA?

I finished this year with a cumulative GPA of 2.498 (pretty low, not gonna lie). The main concern that I have is that when rounding to 2 digits, it will be pushed to a 2.5, and I’m worried that in interviews when I say that I have a 2.5, and if the interviewer checks my transcript, he/she may think that I am bumping up to meet requirements, even through it’s very close to the line.

I am already aware of past questions regarding gpa rounding, but those seem to deal with round from 2 digits to 1 digit, which doesn’t fit my situtation. Am I wrong in thinking I shouldn’t do this? I don’t want to want anyone to think down on me.

When calculating my GPA in major, should/can I only count courses that are meeting the requirement for major or should I count any course on the same topic and from the same department as my major? For example, if my major is Physics, and I have completed my major with courses A through J, but have also taken the course K after completing all the requirements as an optional course (which does not even count for graduation; a completely optional course), should I count the grade for course K when calculating my major GPA for reporting it on my CV and in applications, or can I not count that one?

I have transferred my registration from a university to another (in the same country). As such, some of my courses which I have already taken in my first university were transferred for me. In my transcript, my new university assigns the letter “T” (stands for “Transferred”) for the courses which were transferred.

However, I noticed that in calculating the CGPA of mine, these “T courses” are considered to be an A, although I didn’t take A’s in these courses (Say, I took a C in German course, but its effect on my CGPA is the same as an A, not as a C, it increases my CGPA a lot). My question consists of two parts:

  • Is it wrong/bug by the transcript system to calculate it that way?
  • Let’s assume for the sake of it that it was wrong, should I notify the university, or should I just let it go?

I am currently in my junior year, studying abroad in another country. The advisor at this school told me that I was enrolled in 5 businesses classes. I had asked her to drop one of them because I didn’t need it and she said okay I will drop this course for you and you have 12 credits. I left her office and went on with my day and I came to find out later that she had not dropped my course and that I am still enrolled in 5 classes. The way the school works here is that you are unable to add/drop once that period is over.

Upset and frustrated, I went to her office and she said she can’t remember what had happened because she has too many students. She had told me that I can either take the course or fail it and it won’t affect my GPA. But on my transcripts it will say grade not available aka “F.” I normally take 4 classes at home and I do want to enjoy my time here, so I don’t know if I should take the “F” and explain what had happened to graduate school admissions office or just suffer and take the class that I don’t need toward my major. It will not affect my GPA whatsoever if I were to take the F it will just be on my transcripts.

I trusted my advisor that she dropped my course, had I known that she wouldn’t do it I would’ve done it myself. I do understand that I am at fault to for not checking it right after she’d done it, but by the time I found out it was too late. Thoughts?

I have been gradually working on qualifying for graduate school in occupational therapy since 2012. I have BA in Art Education with a GPA of 2.99 – I had depression twice and it effected my GPA; so I decided to upgrade it by taking courses, and the schools in Canada look at CGPA going back 60 credits. Now, even though I have been achieving A’s, my CPGA is only 3.2, as I can do courses part-time only. I have some discontinued courses in my transcript (then and more currently), and I am concerned about being judged for this. The advice I was given from an advisor was to take easy courses that I was also very interested in. I have not done any research yet, nor published anything, but am seeking to volunteer in a lab, and I will continue to work as a patient attendant in the sunmmer/holiday period (I have since 2010). Will these gaps in my transcript be held against me? I am 41 and truly want to become and OT and do research that makes an impact with healthcare providers. It is incredibly competitive to get into the professional MSc, let alone the combined MSc/PhD which is what I want to do. Is there any way to improve my profile? Thank you so much for any/all constructive feedback, I truly appreciate it.