I’m in my final year of my bachelor degree (Netherlands). In fact, I am resitting this particular class since I did not submit the portfolio last time. I have agreed to start writing my thesis today in collaberation with a business on the condition that I would receive a pass grade on the portfolio for this class that was due two weeks ago. I submitted it, fully following grading criteria that I found in the syllabus. Last Friday I would receive my grade.

I received 43/100. I needed 55/100 to pass. The grading criteria were very different from the criteria mentioned in the syllabus. In particular not a single word was mentioned in the syllabus about a certain chapter required in the portfolio worth 20. I and various other students missed that part.

It turns out the syllabus change was communicated in an extra class that I was not aware of. This class was not visible in my agenda. It was not uploaded to the Blackboard environment nor communicated by e-mail. The extra class was recorded and a link to the video was posted in a Slack environment that is not official.

I would be allowed to resubmit the portfolio 8 weeks from now, be graded 2 weeks later and then start writing my thesis. The professor (who realized the communication on this was poor) allows me to resubmit the portfolio as soon as possible instead

Meanwhile, I had to communicate this change to the company I would be collaberating with. They are, understandably, not happy. Moreover, this change requires me to enroll an extra semester and as such is quite a big financial burden on me.

What can I do? Can I appeal? If so, to whom? Will appealing be able to change anything? Depending on when I can possibly start my thesis, I may not be able to finish before the two-yearly thesis defence.

The professor for this course was, according to every one of my classmates (only 7 of us total so I could get all the opinions) a nightmare. To illustrate, in the last week of class, after we present a final assignment (no instructions other than the title of the assignment in the syllabus), he asks us if we’d been getting any of his emails for the whole semester. We said no. That last class was a sizable part of the grade but obviously no one had instructions or any knowledge of the percentage of the assignment relative to our grade.

Each week people in our course were confused about material and procedure and we all thought we were fools that should have known better. But we all had realized, in this last class meeting, that there was a reason for the disconnect: the instructions were not going through to us via email.

There was a discrepancy in my grade vs the other classmates grades, even though there is no discernible performance gap. I got the lower grade. The classmates I spoke with were surprised, for the same reason I am – namely they did not perceive a noticeable performance gap. My skin is crawling at the thought of asking the professor what the reason for this low grade was, but should I do it? Or can I go elsewhere (i.e. a Dean or something) first? I know for a fact other students are willing to attest to this professors disorganization and other bad qualities (some already have). I also suspect this professor has had complaints lodged against him in the past for similar reasons.

I’m a student in Michigan, in the United States. I’ve just started a class for which a previous class was the requisite. The professor of my current class asked that I give him my grade for that previous class. (This was an e-mail sent to me and all my classmates.) I don’t like the feel of it. Does he have any right to that information? Obviously he isn’t going through the system to get the information, and I feel like it’s because this isn’t on the level.

On further research, I found the FERPA website. It declares:

Generally, schools must have written permission from the parent or eligible student in order to release any information from a student’s education record. However, FERPA allows schools to disclose those records, without consent, to the following parties or under the following conditions (34 CFR ยง 99.31):

  • School officials with legitimate educational interest;

There are additional parties/conditions, but this is the only one that even comes close to my situation. Another reference I found is Huntingdon College’s General FERPA Information, which defines a school official as:

a person employed by the College in an administrative, supervisory, academic or research, or support staff position;

There are other definitions, but again, this is the most applicable to my situation.

I’m studying Computer Science with a double major in Math at a public university. I hope to attend a private school like Vanderbilt (Nashville, USA) to pursue an MS or PhD. My GPA is still above a 3.0, however:

  • I have received a U (unsatisfied, incorrectly submitted work) as a final grade in a single credit course that is part of an honors college program during my first semester in college.

  • I also had one terrible score (D) in a 200 level maths course during the same semester.

Will these early blemishes on my transcript affect my chances of getting into graduate school?

With 3.42 GPA and MS thesis from university of Michigan, what else I must do to get into Applied Physics program? I am yet to take PGRE and GRE.

I have three to four recommenders from present grad school. Only reason I am not continuing in current Univ is due to choice of topic which is not being researched here.

Thesis was an independent research topic under the guidance of my advisors i.e. I was not working with any PhD or Post Doc in the lab. It was a new topic and I was the only one working on that topic. Moreover, I defended the thesis ( This is the second MS thesis ever written in our department).

As of reco: My advisor and co-advisor have enquired couple of times as when I am applying to Grad school for PhD, and the third recommender is happy to write me a recommendation letter.

Also, I am at present supporting a lead research topic and leading another research topic in my company (related to my area of research).
Please advise.

I wish I had found this site a few months ago.
What do you think of the following? Am I being too rigid?
I have a Dean who does not like us failing students.
Consequently, she had the rubrics changed to make it easier to give the students better marks.
I tried to change the rubrics for my courses but she had the IT support officer go into my online unit and change the rubrics again.
She also passed a students grade in two units that I had failed her in so that she could graduate her degree.
She also had a .5% mark up placed in all students final results.
She also told me twice to give students marks for turning up!
She also had a double marking process put in place for each assessment that was failed which turned into a quadruple marking.
I do on have any support in the faculty against what I consider flagrant abuses of academic integrity.