I’m a prospective graduate student in mathematics, I intend on applying this upcoming Fall so I only have two shots at this exam. My goal is to get into a top institution, so from what I have heard it is imperative that I do well on this exam. I’m aiming for a score of >75%.

I have done a ton of reading on how to prepare for this exam, and have found great information both on this website and others, however I’m still a bit in the dark as to how to go about preparing for it. So far I have so far gone over the bulk of the courses that appear on the exam. I feel strong in most subjects, but vector/multivariable calculus seems to be my weak point. With the test being only two months away, what would you guys recommend be the best study method? Taking numerous practice exams? Consulting textbooks? The textbooks I have been using so far are Stewart’s Calculus – Early Transcendentals, Schaum’s Outline in Linear Algebra, and Rudin’s Principles of Mathematical Analysis, and the Princeton Review Guide for the exam.

I’m very curious to what you all have to say, especially those who have already took the exam and have done well. Sorry if I rambled on a bit, thank you for your time!

I have only seen a handful of people writing about the supplementary centre application for the GRE Subject on the Web and I wanted to see if anyone could be kind enough to answer some of my concerns.

I wanted to take the Sept 15th 2018 GRE Subject test and I saw a centre that offered it on the September sitting when I was looking at the 2017/18 centre lists. However, when the new list came out, I found out that that centre no longer offered that sitting and unfortunately, I did not have a centre in the nearest 125 miles which is the requirement to make an application for the Supplementary Centre Application.

Part of this involves me to include the name of an institution and a member willing to administer the test. However, as I am no longer in education, I don’t have an affiliated institutions to ask such a request. I am thinking of contacting the institutions that offer the sittings in other periods but I have a few worries.

  1. The institution is an exam authority rather than a school/university/college. Surely, that is okay?

  2. Are theses requests to unaffiliated institutions ever entertained?

Sorry, the questions are a bit daft but maybe I just want some assurance that this is not as crazy as it seems. If you have done a supplementary center request in the past, I would like to hear about it.

Below, I paste the link on the GRE website.


I am going to take the GRE soon. My practice tests end up being at V: 158 (80%) and Q: 162 (80%). I didn’t care too much about the quantitative section in the practice test so my real score should be higher. However, my Verbal seems accurate. I don’t know about the writing, but I’d guess to around a 5 if things go well.

Question: Are these scores good enough for a PhD in electrical/computer engineering or computer science (not decided yet, something in EECS) at schools like MIT/Stanford/Berkeley? Should I be wasting my time preparing for the GRE? I had thought that GRE was completely useless, but after some searching online it seems it actually carries weight.

In a tournament if there are 7 contestants and in the first round if each contestant are to play 3 games with each other contestant.. Does it mean to draw a graph that results in number 9 (you play with 3 randomly assigned others only) or does it mean to calculate the large number, 63 (literally playing 3 times each with all the other contestants).
Seeing world cup and such, tournament couldnt be that inefficient to make all of them play each otehr so many times but then the former interpretation is tricky..

What sources are used to compile essential Gre words?

For instance books on amazon that have 3000+ Gre words do not give their references or criteria.

What sources or criteria can i use to generate a Gre word list i can use commercially?

I’m willing to purchase a list to use commercially but i can’t find any.

Any suggestions on where to purchase a list for commercial use or how to compile a list?

I took the general GRE two years ago and received V167/Q161/W5.0 or V98%/Q78%/W93%.

I am applying for PhD programs in applied mathematics this fall and plan on taking the GRE mathematics subject test.

My question is, should I focus on doing well on the subject test or also study and retake the general exam?

If my general exam scores are “good enough” then I suppose I would like to simply focus on the subject test. On the other hand, I am slightly worried about my 78th percentile score in quantitative reasoning.