Recently I submitted an IEEE conference paper about an open-source machine learning project/framework related to mobile networks. Now, I also want to demonstrate its features at another IEEE conference using a 2-page demo paper.

Considering the original paper is still in reviewing process, is it ethical to submit a related demonstration paper with the same approach to another conference. I mean from self-plagiarism aspects, can I use the same title and experiment results in demo paper as well just for showcasing purposes? If not, how can I also reference the original paper considering it is not published/accepted yet!

I am writing a review paper in the field of engineering.

At the moment the paper is 20 pages and I am afraid that this goes up to 80 pages when it is finished.

I was thinking about making it open access. However, I am afraid to break the paper into several parts and pay the open access fee multiple times which I definitely could not afford.

Could anyone please advise how much is the page limit for an open access review paper in IEEE and Elsevier. If my paper is not publishable there, where else could be a valid and feasible journal for me?

I have submitted a research paper to IEEE.

Now my research supervisor is saying to make it public by writing a blog on Medium and giving a link to the paper. He also shared research paper on some channels without my consent.

I want to know

  • Is it legal to write a blog on Medium regarding research paper that is not published?
  • Is it affects my research paper acceptance?
  • Can anyone copy it and publish it in a journal or write it on a website with his/her name?

My colleague research paper got accepted at a conference named (International Conference On Trust, Security And Privacy In Computing And Communications They claim that the conference is A-Ranked according to core2018 when you check it as IEEE Trustcom. Is it correct that this conference is A-Ranked conference ( is it really the same conference or they are taking advantage of this misunderstanding?

Also, I got shocked when I noticed that the student registration fee is $1095.00 for regular research papers. The full accepted paper has only limited 6 pages in length to be included in the final proceedings. My research paper is 12 pages.
The program committee wants to charge me $150.00 for each extra page. This in total will be around $2000.00 just as registration fees.

Is it normal too?

International Conference on Web Services (ICWS) is one of the top conferences for web service researchers. But this year (2018), I find there are two ICWS websites:

  1. (this one is the old website for ICWS 2017, 2016..)
  2. (this one is sponsored by IEEE)

Which one is genuine? And as I’m a Chinese researcher, another thing I care about is that which one is recognized as the B-level conference by CCF (China Computer Federation)?