I’ll start by disclaiming that I work for a large company (2k+ employees) and came from a large university (40k+ students) and that my performance in no way affected the situation (if anything it should improve it, as I am the only intern [of many] from my alma mater to be offered a full-time position).

A few details: I am a software engineer and the internship positions are for software engineers. I did both my undergraduate and Master’s level work with this university.

I overheard a few managers discussing the hiring process during the intern hiring season, and they commented that applications from my school were being largely filtered out. They additionally said that they were primarily hunting for students from other schools A and B.

I intend to go back into an academic career soon and as an academic (hopefully future professor) I am a bit bothered that my school is being filtered out by recruiters at one of the biggest tech companies in the area. This is clearly a major negative statement towards the quality of the program from which I graduated. That being said, I don’t disagree with my company’s decision here. We have been burned by the quality of the interns coming out of this school a lot recently.

Having gone through the program myself, I see a few of the flaws here. Students are marketing themselves as programmers, but the school trains them as computer scientists (those within the field should be able to identify the difference). Students are coming out with only school experience, not personal experience. Students have no opportunity to become good programmers in an educational environment (no clubs or weekend programming groups, etc.).

I don’t want this major vote of incompetence marked on my school as it devalues my degree and more importantly, it devalues the degrees of all students from my university in arguably one of the most up and coming fields.

The question: what should/can I do about this? I want to email the university department and relay my thoughts and experiences, but I feel this is a breach of my employer’s confidence (this hiring preference is not public knowledge or “official”). Even if I were to email the department, I haven’t a clue what I would say, perhaps a better fleshed out version of the above?

I would love to offer advice to the university, but I am no administrator or curriculum designer, and I am sure that unprompted advice from a student who has only graduated 6 months ago would not be well accepted unless it was extremely well worded and thought out. And even then, do I have the credentials to make it past the school’s secretary?

During the internship, I specified a new research question while discussing with mentor at the internship. Mostly, I worked myself and had 5-7 one on one discussion during summer to report my status. I did not use any proprietary solutions/contents for developing a solution of specified research question.
I confirmed with the mentor the availability to submit a paper verbally.

After internship, I worked on the draft of paper on summer work.
I follow up with mentor to submit to a conference.
However, I do not hear her confirmation for a month.
I was wondering if I have any chance of submitting this work into conference.
Any suggestion how to handle this issue?

I had gotten an internship for the fall semester. Because of complications with the issue of passport I have not been able to go to the institute. I had sent to the professor about this matter but he had not replied. What should I do?

I’m currently a sophomore in high school looking to work with a college professor in the near future. I’m interested in the computer science field, and I was wondering how much programming I should have under my belt before contacting a professor for research/internship opportunities? I’m currently studying Java, but I know for a fact that it’s not enough. I’ve gotten the fundamentals down (classes, methods, arrays, etc.) and I’ve just scratched the surface of GUI programming. At what level would you guys deem it appropriate to get into contact with a professor? Thanks for your help!

I’m a third year undergraduate engineering student in India.

I am applying for a research program at a foreign university which will start at the of my third year. This internship program requires at least one and a maximum of two letters of recommendation. As is the case for many students in my college (and I suspect many Indian engineering undergrads as well), I do not have much interaction with most of my professors outside of classes. My grades are decent but nothing spectacular in my courses.

Hence, I only have one strong letter of recommendation from a professor with whom I am doing a project. The rest of my professors who I have spoken to about the same have only given me tepid responses and have advised me to come back only if I cannot find anyone else ready to give me a letter.

In this case, what should I do for filing my LoRs? Would it be better to submit only the strong LoR or should I submit a weaker LoR as well?