During the internship, I specified a new research question while discussing with mentor at the internship. Mostly, I worked myself and had 5-7 one on one discussion during summer to report my status. I did not use any proprietary solutions/contents for developing a solution of specified research question.
I confirmed with the mentor the availability to submit a paper verbally.

After internship, I worked on the draft of paper on summer work.
I follow up with mentor to submit to a conference.
However, I do not hear her confirmation for a month.
I was wondering if I have any chance of submitting this work into conference.
Any suggestion how to handle this issue?

I had gotten an internship for the fall semester. Because of complications with the issue of passport I have not been able to go to the institute. I had sent to the professor about this matter but he had not replied. What should I do?

I’m currently a sophomore in high school looking to work with a college professor in the near future. I’m interested in the computer science field, and I was wondering how much programming I should have under my belt before contacting a professor for research/internship opportunities? I’m currently studying Java, but I know for a fact that it’s not enough. I’ve gotten the fundamentals down (classes, methods, arrays, etc.) and I’ve just scratched the surface of GUI programming. At what level would you guys deem it appropriate to get into contact with a professor? Thanks for your help!

I’m a third year undergraduate engineering student in India.

I am applying for a research program at a foreign university which will start at the of my third year. This internship program requires at least one and a maximum of two letters of recommendation. As is the case for many students in my college (and I suspect many Indian engineering undergrads as well), I do not have much interaction with most of my professors outside of classes. My grades are decent but nothing spectacular in my courses.

Hence, I only have one strong letter of recommendation from a professor with whom I am doing a project. The rest of my professors who I have spoken to about the same have only given me tepid responses and have advised me to come back only if I cannot find anyone else ready to give me a letter.

In this case, what should I do for filing my LoRs? Would it be better to submit only the strong LoR or should I submit a weaker LoR as well?

I had applied for an academic internship after my undergraduate studies. The professor has accepted me for the internship. But since then he has not properly replied to my emails. I need his letter for VISA purposes. How should I write an email to him asking for the same? I had sent an email to him regarding this but he has not replied to the email. The problem is that I can’t write a proper email and also he is the director of the institute and is probably very busy.

Could you please help me with writing such an email. Also I am taking a year gap for this internship, so this is extremely important to me. I also want to convey him that this internship is extremely important to me.

I am going into my sophomore year and I have been offered a fall internship with a sorta well known fashion company. Since I was offered to work with my desired team (Software Engineering), I quickly accepted the offer and signed the agreement. The SE team had requested that I learn couple of new programming languages while I was still off from college. In these last two weeks, the team has been very unresponsive. I have asked what specific things I have to learn within each language and received no reply. I feel that this lack of response and unprofessional-ism will carry over into my internship. But I need some Software Engineering experience. Should I still go along with the internship?
It is unpaid, but is offering a $20 daily stipend. I am also committed to work 20hrs a week.

One thing I am not lacking is general work experience, however; none of my experience is inline with SE (something that I want to pursue as a career). I have some general IT support experience though..

All feedback is welcome!
Thank you