I created a new account and posted a math question from class asking help for a specific part in the exercise which was duly answered. That question went on to gain a lot of hits and I received an email notification which I had set, of a comment left by a person who said I was stuck too. I didn’t know him as the class strength is like 100 but on checking on social media, he turned out to be my classmate. Now with nearly 80 hits on it, presumably from my classmates looking at this problem, should I delete it because I feel that Turnitin would end up holding me guilty for plagiarism from my own content if other students post it before me?

I did attach my files and everything including the idea which should easily enable anybody else from my very class to use it in the assignment.

So is it wise for me to delete the question now or is it too late? Is it ethical for the community at Math Stack Exchange to lose a question that garnered so much attention and I did gain my share of points. Will I lose my points as well?

I am doing my PhD in Data Mining / Artificial Intelligence and are at the beginning of my second year. I have had three master students so far, whose performance varies quite a bit. The worst (he already finished) got a very clear, cut and dry task for his thesis and still did not mange to do it as expected. The best so far (close to the end of his thesis) had a very vague task, and still got pretty nice results. The third is in the middle of his thesis.

In each each case, the really creative ideas, the innovation if you will, always came from me. Currently I have this third student in the middle of his thesis who has quite a few ideas how to use existing techniques, but I get the impression he is not really able to invent his own. Possibly I am not creating a good environment?

My students seem to lack quite a bit in technical know-how (pragmatic aspects of programming), mathematical understanding and knowledge of existing machine learning methods. This is understandable – the end of your master is by far not the end of learning and I am happy to help them by explaining those things to them. Still, I struggle a little with that, since this is a road blocker. This is just “learning”, and not yet “creating”.

Now I have new task that I would like to have solved and which would make a fine master thesis topic. However, no solution exists for the problem yet and it pretty challenging, requiring quite a bit of creativity. A more or less completely new algorithm is required.

My questions are:

  1. Is there a point giving this task to a student or should I forget it and solve it myself?
  2. More general: What creativity can I expect from master students to create new methods? Am I expecting too much?
  3. How can I foster creativity in my students?

My question seems to be pretty specific since I cannot find an exact answer online.

I am working on a paper that I want to submit to a conference. I wrote my masters thesis which looked at something through two different lenses using two different datasets.

I want to use one of those angles to submit a paper to a conference, and potentially the other in the future. So my questions are:

  1. Is this okay to do?
  2. Do I need to cite my masters’ thesis, even if it is unpublished?
  3. Can I just copy parts that would apply, or do I need to paraphrase and cite different parts of the paper? For example, the analysis section of the paper, I give the background of the interviews I conducted. Can I just use this same language for the paper I want to submit to the conference?

Thank you in advance for the help!

I have an MSc degree in photonics communication and BSc in Physics. I want to apply for a Ph.D.program in photonics. I have not a degree in electrical engineering.
I am insecure about the jobs that I can take in the future.
I am really frustrated. could you please tell me which kind of internships that I can take to see what is going on in this field even in unpaid?
Could not I really get a job in the industry?
I am looking forward to hearing your advice.
Thanks in advance!

my brother has an MSc degree in photonics communication and BSc in Physics. he wants to apply for the Ph.D. degree in photonics. I have not a degree in electrical engineering.
he is insecure about the jobs that he can take in the future.
he is really frustrated. could you please tell which kind of internships that he can take to see what is going on in his field even in unpaid?
Could not he really get a job in the industry?
I am looking forward to hearing your advice.
Thanks in advance!

I am currently doing a PGCE and QTS, for my PGCE I need to write 3 masters level essays. My first one wasn’t as critical as they expect and was too descriptive. So I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to write critically at masters level in PGCE. My second essay is on differentiation and SEND and also my practise. I understand they want me to critically write about how I differentiate for pupils, but I have searched everywhere for appropriate books on differentation and reliable sources/theorists opinions on differentiation and its criticisms. I would be really grateful if anyone could recommend any journals or research and the critics of differentiation, as well as if anyone had any exemplar masters level PGCE essays on the topic or on any other topic, so I could see what they expect.

My letter of intent for an MSc program is only 1000 characters (which is about 160 words). I was planning to begin with a short story about how I became interested in the field, how my academic background has prepared me, my current research interests, and my future goals. All of that is about 400-500 words (I already wrote it out). I will be evaluated on how well my interests align with the school’s and my supervisor’s. So should I only include my research interests? So there really wouldn’t be any introductry line… I would just get into it?

I am graduate student from India who is planning apply for masters in machine learning the next Fall(2018).

My background is as follows:

1)Graduated from India from IIT Mandi(ranked 13th in India) with 8/10

2)Internship in Microsoft India and worked for 1 year as Software Developer after my graduation there.(Got a pre placement offer from Microsoft).

3)One Major Technical project under a Professor in my college in the field Coding theory.

4)I quit my job and presently working as research staff in IIT Bombay(ranked 1 in India) in the field of deep learning.I will be working for 1 year here can get a paper published easily as second author and also contribute to other research.

5)I’m also doing a probablistic graphical model course(with certification) of Daphne Koller

I have not done much coursework in the field of machine learning.I have one year in my hand(Jan,2018 to November,2018).

I need advice as to how can I plan this time effectively(doing online courses,kaggle..etc) which can show my expertise in the field so that I can get into top 10 grad colleges.
Thanks a lot for your time.