I am an undergrad physics student and my research experience has mainly been in the field of Condensed Matter Physics. Through the experience I have come to realize that it is not what I want to continue with and wish to change my specialization when I apply for my masters. If I were to contact an advisor from a field different from the one I have some experience working in to join a group for say a Research Masters, will the experience (despite it being in a different field) work in my favour?

I am wondering, because she is the only one in the department who is specialised in the area I worked in. But then also she worked with me, so she will recognise the things I’ve written – apart from that there is probably noone else who tackled exactly my topic.

How is fairness ensured here? It does not seem possible to mark this anonymously really?

I did my Bachelors in computer science. I have been working for 1.5 years in a reputed software firm working on distributed systems, information retrieval and such fields.

I want to apply for MS in CSE (distributed systems or ML) next year but before that I want to start my game development company which has been a dream. It might also help me earn a lot of money which I will need to study further. Game development is largely software engineering, but has nothing to do with distributed systems or ML. If my game development start-up fails I will happily do the MS right away.

Will switching from my current “related” job to a somewhat unrelated field trigger an alarm? Am I at a risk of getting rejected?

How can I patch things up if I have to after my game development gig?

To make things worse, I am an Indian which makes things harder if I want to study in the US.

Please suggest few universities based on my profile GRE 309 (verbal-150, Quant-159, AWA 2.5) TOEFL-88 (writing-21, reading-22, speaking-22, listening-23) CGPA-9.12/10, did 3 projects for Go-Kart, Hybrid Go-Kart and Effi-Cycle. Have a good extra-curricular activities. I wish to pursue the Master’s in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in design and manufacturing.

In February-2016, I have undertaken my thesis. That was the topic proposed by my supervisor on my request. I started to work on the project and finding that I am actually short of various topics/knowledge(theoretical and practical). I still contacted the supervisor and he passed me in my lab and told me to continue the work.

The last date of my thesis submission is 2016–09–15.

I have been started to have a feeling that I wouldn’t be able to complete the thesis. Coz, my previous knowledge is not sufficient to complete the lab-project and hence the thesis.

What would be the consequence if I am unable to submit the thesis?

What would be the most appropriate measure I should take to save my thesis/career/semester/grade and so on?

If one applies to a bunch of universities, in two programs each, One is Masters math/stats and the other in Masters Financial eng/fin math/ computational fin. If it fair to assume that one will get into a university with better reputation (overall) with the math/stats application than with the MFE applications?

Graduated last year with a 2.73 gpa ,double major B.S Ecology and Evolution and B.S Environmental Studies. I want to go to grad school at the University of Bonn, to study Organismic Biology, Evolutionary Biology and Paleaobiology. I am worried that my undergrad gpa is too low, does anyone have knowledge of how difficult it is to get into German graduate schools for biology?