I am an undergraduate physics and mathematics major at a relatively small liberal arts college. I am hoping to persue a PhD in high energy theory, and am struggling to find schools that I might be a good fight/competative for. I have an overall GPA of 3.2, a physics GPA of 3.6, and a Physics GRE of 580. In addition I have 2 summers and a semester of research (3 posters), and strong letters of recommendation from writers who all know me very well.

What graduate schools might be a good fit for me, in terms of the competativeness of my application and the department’s research in hept? Thank you very much for the advice.

I am currently enrolled in a 3-year Physics Hons. programme. I plan to pursue physics in my masters as well but from the UK or Germany(Right now, I am studying in India). I am doing a lot of freelance software work like web development and hackathons. I was wondering if they will contribute positively to my masters application or be seen as a distraction by foreign universities? Will my experience in coding and software add to my application or take away from it?

I have a thought experiment and a hypothesis. They belong to the field of optics and thermodynamics. And I want to publish them in a scientific journal.
I would like to ask which scientific journals are suitable for me to publish my thought experiment and hypothesis? Because I find that many scientific journals only publish papers on empirical research while my paper is a thought experiment and a hypothesis.

Last week we got an article accepted into PRL (Physical Review Letters). As is standard, they afterwards sent out an email saying

To help defray editorial and production expenses, APS, a
not-for-profit, society publisher, expects authors of manuscripts to
pay appropriate publication charges; publication charges are
contributions from authors’ institutions to the cost of disseminating
research results and should be regarded as an essential and proper
part of their research budget. You are requested to make a payment of
$765 toward the cost of disseminating your research results. However,
the inability to pay this charge will not affect the publication
process of your manuscript.

So they say they expect us to pay, but at the same time they say the publication process continues independently of whether this happens.

What is the ‘proper’/’sensible’ thing to do? What is commonly done?