I have a document where I cite an paper as (West, 2000) multiple times.

In my EndNote library I have another paper by the same author (but different co-authors) written the same year. It has happened a few times where I have updated the references, and all of a sudden, all the citations have switched to citing the other paper which I had never referenced. It shows up as (West & Brown, 2000).

How is this possible? I wonder if it might be a result of switching between computers. I have a desktop and a laptop, both of which have EndNote libraries synced to them. If this is a glitch on EndNote’s part, it’s a very bad one. Anyone have an idea about it?

I am contributing to a book, and I used Mendeley to manage the bibliography of my chapter. Now the editor has asked me to provide my list of references in a file format compatible with Zotero.

I can easily export the Mendeley collection as a .RIS file and import it to Zotero using this procedure, but I would not like to export the whole collection (more than 2000 entries), neither select the references manually one by one (about 100).

Is there a way I can automatically select the bibliography I used for my chapter in the Mendeley Desktop and then export it in a unique .RIS file?

I am using Mendeley Desktop version 1.18 on a Windows 8 machine.

Thanks for your help.

I’m wondering if it is possible to download all articles from references in a pdf file or on a journal website. For example I’d like to download all articles in the following references (I’m using the internet connection of my university, thus I can download all articles if they were purchased; I suppose my university did it):


Thank you for your help.

Ps: I have also the pdf file of the article.

Let me explain:
Recently, I wrote a long document with references that I omitted to quote. Now I’m completely confused because I can’t find a way to find the origins of these references.

I must cite every quotation I have mentioned in my document. Which is a tedious thing, given the plethora of reference available.

I kindly request, dear readers, to provide me with your tips and tricks on how to reference a document in math. You do this at the end of the writing process or as you write.

Any help is welcome.

I have been searching and trying out to find the Endnote citation style to match the one required for the Canadian Journal of Public Health submission for hours, with no success.

It demonstrated that the CJPH style here. It also mentioned that “The style for references is based on the ICMJE Recommendations.” I have looked up and searched for the endnote citation template for keywords related to CJPH and ICMJE, but I couldn’t find the the one that matches.

Mendeley’s APA style 6th edition formats the title as-is in your Mendeley database. APA style requires the following capitalization rules:

  • First letter of title (e.g., This is the title)
  • First letter after colon (e.g., This is the title: This is the subtitle)
  • First letter after punctuation (e.g., Is this the title? Yes, this is the title)

I can edit Mendeley’s citation rule to conform to the first bullet point by changing the title format to sentence-case. I can’t figure out how to work on the second two bullet points, however.

How can I transfer a mendeley database (including attached PDF files) from a computer to an another one which does not has access to the internet?



This software requires log-in via your internet-based account in its first run, and as i found, it uses sqllite for database handling, and requires some tricks when moving the database from one computer to another. But, as you have logged-in, for next times there is no need to enter username & password.

Papers can include clickable-link formatting with in-text citations. It’s convenient to click a link to check the citation, however, it’s disruptive to have to manually scroll back up to continue reading.

Is there an easier way to resume reading after checking a citation? Alternatively, is there a less disruptive method for checking a citation?