I met up with a potential supervisor two weeks ago and they were very keen on my topic (on literature). They took a hard copy of my draft proposal to read and told me I will be contacted in a week. However it has been two weeks and I have not heard anything. I have sent a follow up email saying if my proposal is not appropriate, I would be happy to start from scratch again. There is no reply to that as well.

I am not sure what to do. If the proposal isn’t ok is it not professional to email and let me know? Given the initial enthusiasm of the supervisor and the silence since they took my draft, should I believe my proposal must be horribly wrong and must be binned?

I am planning to submit a proposal for possible funding. There are three sources of funding I can apply for, and unfortunately the evaluation periods all three overlap. Typically there exists an option to state this while submitting. I am wondering if such a statement has any impact on the chances of being funded (of the three grants, I much prefer a specific one). Moreover, two of the agencies uses external reviewers and since my proposed work builds heavily on the previous efforts of three persons (one of them a prolific reviewer), there is a risk in reviewer overlap. I wonder how a reviewer would perceive this. In particular, would a reviewer be less inclined to recommend a second proposal for funding if they have already recommended a first on the same topic? PS I was advised not to make any statement of overlap. Is this an unofficial custom?

I stuck and no idea to got research plan for my thesis. I have to research about microbial fuel cell in major environmental engineering but actually my major before is microbiology. Whats topic that looks nice related to my background? Anybody can help me please…

Hi there ! I’m not sure to be on the right forum to ask the following question. I’m asking for both and research proposal writting tips and references

I’m writing my first research proposal for my first PhD application on how to connect building platform using building information modelling (BIM), IoT and advanced data analytics in order to save costs through space consumption and energy consumption modeling in buildings. Which description might be found there.

I used this canvas, to start writing my proposal. That is to say I am trying to :

  • Define a clear question and approach to answering it (which is what I’ve written above)
  • Highlight its or significance
  • Explain how it adds to, develops (or challenges) existing literature in the field
  • Persuade potential supervisors and/or funders of the
    importance of the work, and why you are the right person to undertake it

I wanted to know if there already where works on combining building platform using BIM, IoT and data analytics through space and energy consumption and consumption modeling ?

That is to say I want to know what is the existing state-of-the-art in this topic ?

If it’s not the right place to ask these kind of reference questions where to ask about it ?

Grant proposals can take months until you hear back. What should researchers do during that period?

  1. Start working on the research since the idea could be implemented by others and publish without acknowledging the funder.
  2. Similar to point 1 but in publishing wait to hear about the results and acknowledge the funder if you were funded.
  3. Wait since you don’t know if the idea will be funded and there are no funds to support students but the idea could become obsolete after 6 months.
  4. Something else

I’m applying for a grant renewal. There are subtle and not-so-subtle differences between the solicitation document and the submission instructions document with regards to which materials (e.g. the proposal narrative, personal statement(s), CV(s), research schedule, budget, transcript(s) for student(s), etc.) are required for new proposals vs. renewal proposals.

Obviously, the best path would be to contact the funding agency to ask for clarification.

How might one proceed if contacting the funding agency to ask for clarification isn’t an option?

Should I assume the solicitation as written overrules anything else? Would it be best to just include all materials mentioned in either document, or does it hurt to include “unsolicited” materials?