I am PhD student in my final months, and I know that I don’t want to stay in academia forever. However, I wouldn’t mind doing a postdoc for two or three years, because I really like the academic work.

I have written a postdoctoral fellowship proposal together with my potential future host. The host has agreed to fund 1 year from her own funds, while the fellowship pays for another year. A few days ago, I have been awarded this fellowship.

In the meantime, I have also applied for industry positions (as I wasn’t sure whether I get the fellowship), have recently had an interview and just now I got a job offer ready to sign.

Now, I have to choose between the two, and I am inclined to take the industry position and to leave academia for good – because the company has been on my “wish list” for many years and I potentially might regret having declined the job offer in a few years.

However, I am not sure whether this is fair towards the professor, as she has invested a fair amount of time into the proposal. I have not told her anything about the fellowship outcome nor the job offer. Could I still decline the fellowship without bad feelings, or have I already committed myself into this postdoc?

somewhat related:
How to politely decline a postdoc job offer after signing the offer letter?
Please note, I have not signed anything yet, so I am asking from a moral rather than a legal perspective.

Last year, a researcher produced a nice dataset that happens to be uniquely well-suited for use in a study I plan to carry out. At this time, I am in the process of applying for funds. Does it make sense to contact him asking if he would be interested in a future collaboration which, provided the project is funded, would commence in 2019? The advantage of doing this now would be to mention the potential collaboration in my proposal. Note that the data is open access, so I could just use it without contacting him. Nor is he anyone famous, but I feel that a connection would make my project appear more concrete and realizable. I wonder how all this might be perceived by him however, what would you expect?

I graduated last year and had been working on a problem. Now I have some progress and am interested in applying (non US places mostly, mathematical physics). How should I write a thesis proposal? I have the draft version of my work but it is extremely technical and will require serious patience to read the whole thing. Whoever I can summarize the important ideas in a smaller thing.

My question is if I should attach an abstract, a summary and the draft of the paper along with the introductory mail? How should the mail be structured?

On a side note, one of the people at the institute had commended my work some time back when I had sent them a previous draft.

Some grant proposals mention that they only want funds for students and no funds for faculty such as summer salaries. Would this point increase the chances of being funded by some agencies? Specifically, if two similar competitive projects were proposed and one asked for faculty salaries and the other didn’t, would this make the difference?

I would like to write and submit a master’s thesis proposal next year and do not know where to start.

Does there exist a template or a step-by-step guide to help me get started?

For instance:

Script how

  1. Introduction

  2. Objectives

    2.1 Motivation

  3. Methodologies

    3.1 References

  4. Research

  5. Results
  6. Conclusion

I am new to the world of research and am a little lost. Can anybody shed some light on this?

I Already have one subject that would like of write, it would be about
computer network – bandwidth oriented monitoring

As part of the interview process I have to do a 20 min. presentation of my recent research, my research strategy and my future plan. So far in my past interviews I was asked to only do a teaching presentation, so that’s a bit new to me. Do you know any good resources/samples on how to approach such presentations?

I have the following question to be useful, but a bit short:

Should I give an overview of my research program at the beginning or at the end of my job talk?

It’d be actually nice if someone has presentation samples from successful candidates

I’ve been in a conversation with a professor about hiring me as a potential postdoc. Recently he sent me an e-mail saying he would like to accept me to his team, but he can do this only if he can get a new grant.

As I understand the situation, his current grant is ending soon, and he hasn’t been able to get new grants yet, but is still trying.

In general, when do US-based foundations announce their grant awards? (I’d like to know so that I can ask him again on time whether he got a grant, so I don’t lose the position that I kind of have right now.)

I’ve been in a conversation with a professor, as a potential postdoc, and recently he sent me an e-mail saying he would like to accept me to his team, though he can do this only he can get a new grant.

As much as I understand, he’s got a grant ending soon, but couldn’t get one recently, but will try.

My question is, when do US-based foundations announce the grant awards in general? (So that I can ask him again on time if he got a grant and not lose the position that I kind of have right now).