I am doing a PhD in a Polish University. I hold a MSc. and an Advanced Studies diploma. In my previoous university, in Portugal, what was left for a PhD degree was the thesis submission and the viva.

Here in Poland I need to do 2 exams related to my field of expertise (which is the field of the thesis) before a juri, as well as the viva.

My question is: Can I get credit for my Advanced studies diploma, and avoid the 2 exams that I am supposed to do?

My supervisor has my Advanced Studies Diploma, with 60 ECTS, but he told me that by law, I have to do it. Should I talk to him again about the matter? What should I say to him?

Thanks in advance,

Question: How can I formulate a hypothesis for an engineering project that I help to develop but probably won’t have time to test?

Explanation: The project is to develop a system that will train clinicians to write a certain kind of research data. This type of data will be posted into a community where clinicians can discuss and collaborate on it. I am working on this project and it will be the basis for my master thesis. The value of this project for the company is to generate more of the research data and to thus to create a community that actively discusses its products. Thus, my hypothesis could be something like: The new system will help to generate more research data and support discussion about the company’s products. However, I can’t test this hypothesis because the marketing and acceptance of the system will take too long. Thus, probably when the hypothesis would be testable (i.e. the first people are using it) I must have already delivered my thesis. I can’t think of a hypothesis that only includes the setup of such a system.

Can anyone think of something or give me some hints on how I can come up with a hypothesis or handle this situation?

About a year ago, I finished my Master’s thesis, which was supervised by one professor from my university, and two people from a different university. One of the two is a professor, but he was not involved much in the daily supervision. When finishing up my thesis and presentation, times were quite hectic, and only now I realised I may have never thanked the professor from the other university as he was not present at my presentation. I did approach him for a reference letter later, and thanked him for that when letting him know I got the job.

Now I feel quite rude, but I am not sure if I should do anything. Mostly, I am afraid of it being awkward if I bring this up after a year. Am I overreacting? What would you recommend?

Can I do a master’s thesis with exploratory work without any results? It’s like assume some hypotheses about certain data and testing them. If yes, is that a good thing or a bad thing? Can such a work support me as a good Ph.D. student?

If I didn’t publish anything in my master’s level, and I graduated with such a thesis, would that support me or pointing a red flag against my research skills? Add to this, working as a research assistant during my master’s studies. Would anyone appreciate my failed attempts and hard work yet not productive? I’m really a hard worker and I’m doing non-traditional approaches (because traditional techniques don’t advance/”revolutionize” the field) in my research but I don’t have any output. My advisor agrees that we need to do non-traditional approaches to advance our field, but he is pointing out that we need results and to do some baby steps based on a published research. Unfortunately, It’s too late now to publish anything. I also feel that this RA job is something against me when I want to apply for a phd program (maybe in a much better school). Would a person who read my application make a statement like this; “2 years as an RA with a good advisor and no a single publication? furthermore a bad thesis? your application is in the trash dear..”. I also feel that my advisor feels I’m not really a good RA, and if the time came back, he wouldn’t have hired me. Which means that he won’t give me a good recommendation letter and most importantly, I let him down. He was very generous to me and provided me a full scholarship and this RA job because he thought I’m really good, but now he thinks the opposite. For me personally, I do believe that I’m not productive, however, I’m learning a lot and I’m a hard worker.

What is the effect of such a situation on me when I want to apply for a Ph.D. program in one of the very good schools (one of the top 200 schools in the world maybe?)

I’m at the stage of my PhD where I’m beginning to write my thesis.

At the beginning of my PhD, my supervisor asked me to go back and repeat some work done by the student who had the project before me. This was meant to be a ‘breaking in gently’ exercise, but ended up taking over 18 months because of missing data and incorrect conclusions necessitating things to essentially be redeveloped from scratch. I think in fairness there was a certain degree of naivety on the part of my supervisor not realising how long things take – he’s quite hands off, especially in recent years as he got elected to become head of the school.

That said, this situation has caused a fair deal of conflict over the last 4 years. My supervisor resents the fact that I spent so much time not ‘getting anywhere’, and I resent wasting a large proportion of my funding not really doing anything useful (the previous work has been published, and my new contributions don’t deviate so significantly to warrant an additional publication). The whole situation is compounded by the fact that the student in question was the ‘golden girl’ of the lab, so any criticism of her work falls on deaf ears (its something of an in-joke within the group, as the girl in question is generally understood not to be terribly great in the lab).

I recently gave a draft of a few chapters to my supervisor, and without reading them fully he immediately asked them to be re-written to avoid any criticism of the previous work, citing me as the issue, rather than the previous work (multiple people have verified the mistakes with the previous work).

I’m unsure of what to do, and would welcome some advice. I don’t really need my supervisor at this point as I already have a job and don’t need his permission to submit, but at the same time would like to ameliorate the issue to reach some kind of compromise. Equally, I don’t want to yield to his will, as after wasting 18 months fixing the previous work, I want to tell the story.

To clarify, and as I can’t comment – my supervisor wants me to ignore the entire 18 months of work. For obvious reasons this is undesirable.

I am writing my master thesis in English and I understand that usually italics are used to put emphasis on a word, because it is an important or a newly introduced technical term. But I still ask myself if I have to use italics for these two cases:

  • Variables’ names. For instance, let’s suppose that I have a complex equation and the variable n appears inside this equation. If I am describing the equation in a text paragraph, and I am talking about n (e.g. “if the value of n is large enough, then…”), in this case, should n be italicized?

  • For programmers: should class names and data types be italicized? E.g. “a variable of type UInt32 is used”.

I am currently doing my MSc thesis (in an area of science). I have completed the exams but I am having real difficulties with the research project. Both my supervisors are based remotely and when I ask them for help with the coding I am doing one of them says she is too busy going to conferences to Skype me and tells me to go back to previous ‘training’ we did: this training consisted of two Skype calls which were made 6 months ago and I did not really follow due to having problems understanding her English at times (made worse by poor sound quality and microphones). The second supervisor just keeps describing the task which I need to do, but is not explaining how to do it or how it works, even though I have said that I need some more guidance as I have limited programming experience. If I ask for guidance, he just describes what I need to do again: ‘you need to do this and get some results’ without explaining how to do it. I have tried for months but they are just not helping me, and the stuff is too specialized to get much help from anyone else.

I know, suck it up and stop whining, that is what I am trying to do, but theoretically, would it come back to bite me if I terminate and leave with a PGDip (or whatever you get for completing the exam component), as I feel like I could use the summer to get back in touch with my previous supervisor to continue with the project we were working on together. The offer I have for a PhD is unconditional and based on undergraduate results so I could theoretically leave the MSc now and then start the PhD regardless. The PhD is in a completely different area, not related to the MSc, and it is the only PhD offer I have received so I feel like this is all a pointless exercise and feel like my motivation to do this thesis is draining away from me every day, as it is mostly ‘training’ for a particular area which I know I am not going into now as I have not received offers in this area.

As an artist and retired visual art professor, I’m updating my master thesis written in 1997 as a hand-crafted art book. Today I’m self-publishing a rewritten thesis as a paperback book to include more of my artwork since graduating in 1997 with my master’s degree. Is it legally okay for me to use the same Acknowledgement Page in my current self-publishing book with the same title as my master’s thesis, or drop it completely?