I m glad to be here.
I m planning to start a phd in computer science, but i cant find a computer science field to fit my needs.
I am working on web applications and app applications over 7 years. I know php mysql jquery java javascript and asp. Furthermore i am working on setting up servers.
My supervisor want some proposals as regard my phd subject.
I need a field that i can search new things and offer my services to the science.
Can you help me?

I am in the final stages of a M.Sc. in bioinformatics and am currently writing my thesis. While I was writing I noticed that one of the datasets I used for a major part of my project is quite problematic and may have somewhat biased the results (if it matters, the data is from a published paper. A postdoc working with me an the project have reviewed the paper and suggested that it would be appropriate for our work). I do not think this is very major bias, and I can give a concrete explanation as to the source of this bias, but still I bias.

I am considering of referring to all of this in my thesis as part of a broader discussion of the limitations of my work.

Knowing my thesis supervisor I suspect that his reaction will be something along the lines of “why did you use this dataset in the first place? You should have looked at the data before using it.” In retrospect I wouldn’t have used this dataset and yes, I should have looked at the data more carefully. However, at the time I was doing this I had no prior experience with this type of analysis, and therefore did not know what types of problems to watch out for (I was also put under continuous pressure from supervisor to produce results, which did not give me much time to ensure the quality of the data, but this is a different problem).

From my perspective, learning to identify and avoid such problems is a valuable part of my learning process, and I therefore consider it important to demonstrate this learning process in my thesis, but I don’t think my supervisor will be appreciative of this, and I really fear backlash from his. To make things more complicated, we are currently writing a paper based on these results and I fear my supervisor will blame me for undermining the paper by using this dataset.

My questions therefore are:

  1. Is it at all appropriate to use a master’s thesis to demonstrate my learning process in such a way?

  2. How do I balance between my desire to be honest and show what I have learned and between the harsh response I am likely to get?

Thanks in advance.

Peer-review is an important part of decision-making in academia. Journal reviewers do not get paid.

BUT funding agencies pay for the same peer-review (of research proposals). OR universities pay the external referees for reviewing PhD dissertations.

My question is: if peer-review is voluntary and a professional duty, why isn’t it the case in other reviewing processes?

I am facing a problem in excluding bibliography from the similarity index report of the my PhD thesis’ PDF file generated by LaTeX. I’m using Turnitin to check similarity index. In our country, we have a requirement that similarity index be below 18%.

In the Turnitin settings I checked “exclude bibliography” but that doesn’t work for this file only. It works fine for the rest of the files I have tried on my account and of a friend’s. I tried changing bibliography style, renaming bibliography to references but that still doesn’t work. I cropped out the bibliography manually from the PDF and ran a Turnitin check and the similarity index was well-below my requirement.

I did a Google search and couldn’t find anything relevant other than the fact that this sometimes doesn’t work but there were no suggestions particular to LaTeX. I need to get this to work because it won’t be feasible for me to state this problem explicitly to the administrative employees who will be handling my case after I submit my thesis.

Can anyone tell its reason and possible solution?

Apologies in advance if this topic is LaTeX-related.

I am a Muslim student in a non-Arab country. Would it be unwanted/inappropriate for me to dedicate my thesis on Tauber theory to Alfred Tauber, and more generally to all those Jewish mathematicians who died in German concentration camps during WW2? I thought it would form a nice opportunity for some remembrance of the fact that so many people whose work we value today were affected. I was greatly saddened to learn about the fate of A. Tauber and wanted to do something with that. On the other hand, a mathematics thesis might not be the place to “confront” like this.