Now this year I am transferring. I have researched two schools that I am interested in going to, SUNY Albany and SUNY Buffalo. If I chose to go to SUNY Albany, I would be staying at home. Of course, I will be living at SUNY Buffalo.

I will be a CS major, and SUNY Albany does not have the best CS department. The schools don’t really seem to have a lot of effort on that end. It’s rather small, the classes are more “Information Science,” rather than “Computer Science,” which are totally difference and something that I don’t want to do. I don’t wanna do IS, I wanna do CS. SUNY Albany is a great school (especially for business), but not so well for CS. Even kids that go there for CS, the ones that I have talked to, says nothing bad about it but nothing great about it either.

SUNY Buffalo, on the other hand, is probably the 2nd best with it’s CS department out of all the SUNY schools (Stony Brook is the best). There CS department has seen nothing but growth and improvement, a lot of job/internship opportunities. So they clearly beat SUNY Albany by a mile (to me). However, if I go to SUNY Buffalo, that means I would have to take out more loans than I would for Albany.

My parents are gun ho about me going to SUNY Albany, and I think the only reason is that it’s cheap and I am staying at home. While yes, that really is a big reason, I am on the other side of the fence. Obtaining a CS degree and having access to internships in a already great CS program, while Albany seems to lack this.

Is this being greedy? I am trying to not be greedy, if Albany was great for what I want I wouldn’t even be on here questioning this. I am not doing this because I wanna “go away from home,” or because of, “the name of the school,” (it’s SUNY Buffalo not Stanford). I am just looking at graduating out of college with a job more importantly, and I think my parents are just looking at the pricetag more than what the pricetag is going towards. Am I being greedy? Am I making a good choice? Should I just deal with SUNY Albany and the mediocre CS department?

If I went to SUNY Buffalo, I would have to borrow loans. I would have to take out at least $40k in loans for 2 years (I am a transfer), that will include the Federal Direct Sub. $3.5k I just got in my financial award package. I also have a strong feeling my grandfather will pay for the tuition, so take that away from the $40k loan (tuition is about $6.6k for a year).

Regardless where I go, I will be taking out loans. Just SUNY Buffalo means I will be borrowing a bit more than SUNY Albany. Really, if I go to SUNY Buffalo I would only have to take out a bit more for housing. So is going to a better school costing of a bit more.

I’m a second-year PhD student and my PI is accepting a new job. My PI has yet to confirm whether or not I can transfer with her, but I am anxious about the whole situation. Are there any circumstances where they wouldn’t let me transfer?

I’m her only student, and the other two technicians cannot come with. I am hoping that this will somehow give leverage to letting me transfer, rather than her having to move and start the lab all on her own.

Much thanks in advance for all of your assurance…

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I was a PhD student at a Portuguese University. I was there for 3 years. However, after several problems of unethical behaviour by my supervisor and some other problems with higher position professors, that I don’t bother talking about, I decided to transfer my PhD to another university in another country in the EU. However, I’ve got few questions about my action.


  1. I was accepted in the PhD procedure at my new university. I am afraid that, after the viva, or during the viva, I’ll have problems, because the work was done at another university. I can add 20-30% of new work, which I did at the new university, if I need to.

  2. I have defended a workplan of my thesis 5 years ago at the Portuguese University I studied at. Can my old University sue me, or in any way, take legal action against me? Of course, I can null my workplan, but I am not sure if that would solve the problem.

  3. I know I am the author of the thesis and I am first author of all papers of my thesis. Does that keep me safe, both from the side of the new university, and from the old one?

Any help appreciated, mainly from the legal (law) point of view.

I am studying in India in an engineering (CS) UG course and have completed my 1st semester my university (deemed to be) is limiting my potential more every day. I am willing to work hard and that does not seem to matter here, we pass anyway. There is no scope for improvements and I was hoping I could end another semester here and shift my credits to a better place abroad or in India itself.

All opinions appreciated.

I was in a Master’s of Economics program, one year completed, but got expelled due to my GPA dropping below what was needed. I was put on probation and was given one semester to pull up my average by getting an A in all three classes I was taking. But I only got an A in 2 of my 3 classes — I did not receive an A in my third class.

I have the option to apply for re admittance and will do so, but just in case I want to apply to other programs, perhaps as a transfer. If need be I’d apply fresh and start over.

In my new applications, should I explain my situation (life changes, job loss), or would it be better to not dwell too much on it?

I have been admitted to University of Texas at Dallas for Master’s in Computer Science program and have joined in Spring. Although, I want to have second opinion and was wondering if it’s possible to transfer my school. I have some queries in the same regard:-

  • Do I need to apply from scratch to the new school that I intend to apply into?
  • Are the credits, that I gain in this term, transferable to the new school?

Any help would be really appreciated.

I’ve received my Masters from one of the best universities (may be the best actually) for my area. Moved to another top university as my professor moved.

However, during this process I realized that my advisor can do a better job at handling the lab and careers of the graduate students. The current graduate student is in depression because of the work pressure and never spoke about it until recently. PI had instances of graduate students leaving the group because of the same issue.

The project I’m working is just fine and doesn’t seem to be worth all the mental turmoil. Feeling a bit uncertain about the future of PhD with the PI.

Thought of transferring to another lab, but certain collaborations of the PI with other profs wouldn’t facilitate that. I’m left with options of a change in the area of interest or move to another major or university.

So, for me to apply to another university or another professor, the major concern is the reason behind the move. I’m not quite liking the toxic environment in the lab and the way the PI advises and want to move out of it. However, the concern is that I do not want to mention about this directly in my SOP and in my meetings with other professors. As this might reflect badly on me in return. So I would like to know what is the best way to deal with this situation. Thanks.

I am 1.5 years into my PhD in CS program. I cannot change my program to MS since I already have a masters. My research interests have been diverging from my advisor’s and he told me that he might find it difficult to fund me as a research assistant from Fall 2018 onward. I still have a teaching assistantship for Spring 2018. He encouraged to look around my home CS department and also other PhD in CS programs. I am still not sure if I am even allowed to apply to PhD programs while still enrolled in one? I am just wondering if the programs I apply to will look suspiciously at my current enrollment as a PhD in CS student with 1.5 years completed. As long as I honestly explain my situation in my statements and any interviews, do I stand a chance? I would encourage commenters to tell me if they themselves have seen similar cases.

I have completed 1.5 years of a PhD program and I am told now that there is no funding left for me to continue. I am looking for new departments to apply to. How should I explain this situation in my resume and interviews? Should I be upfront and simply state that there is no money left or should I frame it more like it is my decision to leave because I think the research at the new place is amazing or something?