I did college degree abroad. I was stupidest person in class and teachers felt sorry for me they made me pass!
I cam to England to do a course/ My father did not allow me to do a degree in sports because he thought i will be poor. So i ended up doing uni course in computers. I asked uni and told them I hate the course they said I have to start year one and my father said he wont pay feels year one in sports. He asked me to start another course in design or anything. But I was new and did not know how to start over. I feel so stupid so i just did two years and passed. I actually failed but my tutor said work on theory part and you will be able to pass. So i did this. I had some mental problems now I am much better. I hate my uni degree can I ask uni to take my qualification back or something. I hate it.

I’m new to this site, but I think this is where I ask my question.

I’m from Sydney Australia and trying to become an urban designer but I’m not sure if the path I’m taking is the best. In Sydney, there is no urban design course you can study until you reach a postgraduate level in University. All the courses are Urban Planning courses and none of them focus on design.

To be fair, I don’t know the full extent of what an Urban designer or Planner does in actual work. What I want to be doing is using computer aided design (CAD) rather than being just a consultant. For example, a project could be to figure out the best use of a train station in a particular city/suburb, inclusive of designing it and planning it’s location etc.

I know what I’m trying to achieve overlaps a lot with Architecture but why I didn’t choose it is because I don’t want to draw (physically) and I am not specifically interested in a buildings design but rather it’s purpose in the it’s location.

My references for my graduate program applications include an adjunct professor and an industry professional (both not very academic) and I am not sure if they really have time to invest in writing the recommendations for me, although I am pretty sure they will write for me if I asked them to.

I heard that often time the reference would ask the students to draft the letter before they even edit and send away online because they are usually busy and really don’t give a damn on your application or simply because they haven’t written any recommendation before. So I wonder if it is okay to just ask in the first place something like “I can also draft the letters for you if you don’t have time (Are there better ways to express this request?)” when I reach out to my references to write the recommendations for me?

Another good thing about this is I can basically write in a way that includes what I think the admission committee would consider valuable in my letter. I mean, after all, I know about my program much better than my references, and I know how to better phrase my experience to make them relevant.

Currently a undergraduate student planning to apply for PhD programs in a year or less. I have been working with a professor at University of Houston (my current location) for almost a year on machine learning. Everything is great. Our research interests align, relationship is getting stronger. I have some people tell me a university’s ranking does matter a lot but heard quite the opposite from others. It makes sense to choose a PhD program by seeing what advisor wants you and how well you fit, which in my case is great. How would one speak of University of Houston? I am planning to join the industry afterwards preferably a big tech company but things change long way to go. Can and should one’s H-index be a means of quality measure? I have spoken to his past and current students, all of them said positive things which reassures me as a future possible candidate. Please help me out with some advice and facts that I can use to understand and evaluate my situation.

I’m was doing some continuing education in a Canadian University this fall. I was looking at my list of final grades on their website (none of them seem to be in so far), but one of them is marked IPR.

I did a bit of Googling, and found that IPR stands for (supposedly, anyhow) Inward Processing Relief. Is this the case, and if so, what does it mean? Does it mean that they haven’t finished processing the grades yet? If so, why do I only have it on one of my courses?

Screenshot for reference:


I am writing my statement of purpose for a PhD in mathematics for various universities. I know that it is a good thing to motivate why you want to go to that university in particular, but I was wondering at what point one should do this.

What I have for the moment is a paragraph in the end where I explain my reasons for applying, and talk about why I think that university in particular should be fitting for me. Is that enough? Or should there be mentions of the university in the whole statement?

so i guess this has been discussed over and over before but here it goes:
im currently in my 7th semester of bachelors and my gpa is 3.0.the highest it can get is 3.1 by the end of this semester.my ielts score,recommendations,experience,… are good and my current universitys rank is about 250 (in engineering).
is it possible for me to get accepted in a university in the range 100-150 (engineering ranking)?
thanks a lot in advance!

I am currently completing my application for MIT, and they demand the raw scores for the GRE general and subject tests. However, on my ETS account, I only see my percentile and my scaled score. How can I see my raw score? Is there a different way than looking it up in a conversion table?

I am currently completing my application for MIT, and they demand the raw scores for the GRE general and subject tests. However, on my ETS account I only see my percentile and my scaled score. How can I see my raw score? Is there a different way that looking up the conversion table?

I want to pursue a Phd degree. I am a current MBA graduate at the University of Dhaka and will soon complete it. I want to do a Phd in business and management sector, especially the decision science or internet marketing. However I don’t know how to apply and am confused with the process of selecting a university that suits me. I have already started preparing for my gmat, ielts and 3 of my academic papers are under review?
Any idea?