I’m applying for a Ph.D. program in Sociology for Fall 2019. My background is in Computer Science, but I’ve attempted to build a competent resume by taking courses in my intended field and having relatively good grades in my non-major courses (philosophy, research methods, writing, etc.).

My query is related to writing samples. NYU requires a writing sample that, at maximum, should be 30 pages. While I have some great papers I wrote while at college, I’m wondering what it means to have a writing sample in your Ph.D application.

Do you write a sample from scratch, or do you simply make some changes to a paper you wrote in college? Are these samples supposed to be reviewed by a professor? If I write one from scratch, what’s the recommended amount of time I should spend on it? I’m not looking to submit any applications before October, but not later than that, so I have about 4 months to write one and edit it.

Any advice would be useful. Thank you so much!

I am writing a biology research paper. My topic is related to organs transplantation (current issues, ethical problems etc). I have written a draft and showed it to my professor. She was satisfied with the content and research, but she told that I need to work on my writing. According to her, I didn’t follow the structure, but I have no idea how am I supposed to build my research paper. Can somebody give me suggestions or recommend me articles about research paper writing?

Let me explain:
Recently, I wrote a long document with references that I omitted to quote. Now I’m completely confused because I can’t find a way to find the origins of these references.

I must cite every quotation I have mentioned in my document. Which is a tedious thing, given the plethora of reference available.

I kindly request, dear readers, to provide me with your tips and tricks on how to reference a document in math. You do this at the end of the writing process or as you write.

Any help is welcome.

everyone I am looking some help with abstract writing with an example. I don’t have any idea about how to make a good abstract for a research paper, so I need your help with that. I read a blog post where I found 7 abstract examples. Anybody wants to read it here is the link https://www.assignments4u.com/7-good-abstract-examples-to-jumpstart-your-piece/ if you have any others source that can resolve my problem please let me know.

When I write a paper, I have strong feelings of shame about the work done or to be done. These feelings can get in the way of finishing or revising the paper, or sending it to colleagues. They often lead to me feeling, quite strongly, suicidal. Shame is the first thing I think of when I wake up. Not getting work done leads me to further feelings of inadequacy and panic over the future. Hence, these feelings make writing difficult, but overcoming these feelings requires finishing the work to a good standard.

As per the title:

How can a researcher write and research when they feel ashamed?

The shame is about the style of writing and the depth of the content/research. It is not about there being something wrong with the research. For example, I might read what I have written and feel too bad to fix it. Or, I might feel that the content (the research) is simply not deep enough, which makes going deeper difficult. Through perseverance, I finish writing papers. But, it takes a long time in an environment where both quantity and quality are important.

I have in the past seen and asked a university psychologist, but they didn’t have any specific advice. The psychologist was also supporting too many other members of staff and students to really give enough time to this problem, so I am not sure that this is an option to take again.

I am looking for techniques, founded in psychology, and ideally with some supporting evidence. But more general advice is also welcome.