I’m currently putting the finishing touches on my bachelor’s thesis. One part of that thesis is an analysis of a movie. I have written a short synopsis of the movie to go with it, however that is probably not enough for a complete understanding of the points I make in my analysis. I can’t make the my summary substantially longer as I have already reached the upper character limited set by my university for the bachelor’s thesis. But I also believe that a written summary, however detailed, can not replace having watched the movie, as I’m talking about fine detail of the graphic style and aesthetics which can’t be fully described using text only. In my analysis, I also reference other movies of the same director and explain how some topics and metaphoras are used in those as well as in the movie I’m analyzing.

I am not sure how to deal with this. I can’t just ask my professor to watch several movies in order to understand my analysis. But I also don’t want to be graded badly because my analysis requires the reader to have watched the film (I believe that this is true of any detailed analysis of any work, so it’s not just a flaw in my thesis that I should correct).

Here’s what I have done so far:

  • I’ve included screenshots of the Blu-Ray release of the movie to illustrate some of my points.
  • There’s a footnote at the end of my summary of the film that explains that this summary doesn’t replace watching the actual movie and having not watched it might hinder the comprehension of the following analysis.
  • At the first mention of another movie, there’s another footnote that contains a link to the official website of the director, which has detailed synopses of the mentioned movies. However, those can’t replace the actual movies as well.

I have thought about including a digital version of the movie when I turn in the thesis, but I don’t think it’s a good idea. I don’t know if the assay office would even accept it, and even though I own the DVD-version of the movie, it would probably not be legal to give out copies. Also this wouldn’t solve the problem when I put the thesis up on my website.

So how do I deal with this? Do I just ignore it as there is no better solution? Or is there a standard way of mentioning prerequisites for the understanding of a thesis?

I understand that I can include the movies in the list of references or just make it a seperate list. However, the books that I reference in my thesis are not required to understand the points I make, as book references usually inlude the relevant quotes or repeat the points made by the authors. So I am not sure if this is sufficient.

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