I finished experimentation this July, and passed my first draft. Thing is, shortly after that my professor became this celebrity figure after receiving some award. This award makes him attend all sorts of events for publicity. In addition to that he teaches graduate and undergraduate classes, and handles at least one group of graduate students and several undergraduates as well.

So of course, whenever I ask about some progress regarding his comments on my paper, I just get deferrals. I tried getting a date out of him, and so far it hasn’t worked: last we met he said it wouldn’t take him until the middle of the semester for him to get back with me, but he hasn’t done that just yet.

I’ve looked at several sites and several questions here, and so far I’m prepared to undertake the mission of asking the department chair if she could perhaps help me. Thing is, the guy’s pretty influential; department’s proud of his shiny new award and he’s part of the major political faction in the department. He’s even allies with the current department chair, and is rumored to be the next one.

How do you suppose I go about speaking with the department chair?

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