Hi I’m currently undertaking second semester in MA program.
As an international student, I am unhappy with living here in this country, so I’m considering to transfer to another univ in the US but the similar MA program.
In this case I need to take GRE where wasnt required in order to get in the current univ, and hopefully meet the minimum requirements.
In this case can I make an excuse about unhappiness when asking for a LOR to my supervisor?
Well then I need at least three LORs, but I have no idea where to ask for. I do have been volunteering at an org for almost over 100 hours now, but is unpaid work okay to be considered as a strong LOR?

Its all gibberish here, sorry but I need to get outta here asap..
(Learning and coursework is more than happy, but the culture and surroundings are just torturing me.)

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