I’m currently preparing a paper for publication and so trying to construct the figures. I’m finding it more difficult than making figures for a report mainly because journals expect one figure file for each figure, regardless of whether it contains subfigures or not. This leads to some problems/hurdles:

  • I can’t use LaTeX’s subfig package, so I have to manually place an (a), (b) and (c) on the figure and keep track of the caption if the ordering of these changes.
  • Journals’ rules about figure submission vary quite a lot, some can take pdfs, some want vector graphics, others raster.
  • I have to somehow merge the output from various programs into a single file; for example diagrams made with Tikz make up the same figure as a graph plotted with python’s matplotlib.
  • With having to merge subfigures in such a way, my workflow becomes quite convoluted if I have to modify one of the subfigures, and then regenerate the single figure file.

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