I was in FY Engineering in 2014-15 with 2012 pattern.

I got 4 backlogs and was Year-Drop for 2015.

I cleared 1 backlog subject and became eligible for SY with 2015 pattern in 2016.

Then I completed SY only with the assignments but didn’t gave any theory exams although I filled the forms (2017).

I got YD again but this year I didn’t gave any exams as I was working in my startup (2018).

Now I want to complete my BE. Am I eligible?

I know the rule about completing Engineering in 8 years max.
But I hear there’s another rule stating I one fails 3 consecutive years he is out of the program.

In my case am I eligible to give exams and complete my BE?


The 3 backlog subjects (Mechanics, M-I & M-II) from FY are still not cleared.

I am studying in Savitribai Phule, University in Pune, Maharashtra

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