I am currently in class 12 and going to face my board exams this year..
I am lot interested in machine learning and AI.currently i know programming language and enjoy doing ml.

I have question inside my mind that ,What subject should i choose for higher education so that i can enjoy mathematics along with computer science and learn AI and machine learning…I want both subjects with me thought it is not necessary that i must study them simultaneously.And I want suggestion regarding institution(in INDIA because i am an INDIAN) that teach these subjects.

After doing some work in ml,i saw “Stat” itself shows an important role in this feild.Then i think i should study this,but suddenly i also think i will never going to taste “CS”,or vice versa.I dont want to lose programming and also want to gain knowledge in mathematics,but only that part which is useful to ml and AI.I dont want to have mathematics as base but “CS”


1.What kind of institution should i choose for this

2.what course should i opt for like(b.tech or b.stat or first b.stat
then opt
for m.tech
)like that.I need suggestion on this also.suggestion of subjects
of bachelors course and masters course keeping in mind of my target

3.I also want to to R&D in this feild..So i must become eligible for doing
R&D.But how

4.I want a course where i can study stat and CS together.If there is
one.What it is and does it have a better scope in future?

I searched for google a lot..But still not satisfied.I want suggetions from human experts.Thank you

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