What responsibilities does an academic tutor, a company tutor and a business tutor have, as does the student doing a final degree project?

Hello and thank you for your time.

I would like to have different opinions on what responsibilities do you think each of the roles I have mentioned in the title of the issue have.

Specifically, I believe that an academic tutor has the mission to guide and evaluate the quality of the student’s written documentation and to inform them of the deadlines for submitting papers.

Regarding the technical tutor, I think that he should guide and solve doubts regarding the programming languages and tools to use when implementing the application.

For the business tutor, who in this case is a tutor who knows the subject of health, medical, and is the one who proposes the project; I think that he should guide and give the necessary knowledge regarding the medical subject so that the student learns and employs them in the project.

As for the student, he or she must write the documentation, present it, and carry out the project, as well as report any incidents and ask the tutors.

What do you think?

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