I am currently doing my very first paper at university and am a bit lost with Word’s citation system.
What does a scientific paper (more specifically this one) classify as when it comes to “type of source” in Word?

picture of dropdown for type of source picker

This probably is a very simple question, but I am really having trouble finding an answer.
Here’s an explanation of my thought process:

  • It is certainly not a book nor a book section.

  • I don’t feel like it would count as an article in a journal or peridocal as from my understanding research papers are published as a stand-alone?

  • Conference Proceeding: I have no idea what that is, but I think it isn’t it.

  • Maybe a report? As it reports on findings that were made … but I feel this is also not quite right …

  • It is not a website.

  • I might use document from website, however this paper is available on several websites (at least through my Google Scholar search) that seem to have picked it up, however it was not originally published through them from what I can tell.

  • While I have it as a PDF, I don’t think that is meant by **electronic source.*

  • Art: no
  • Sound Recording: no
  • Performance: no
  • Film: no
  • Interview: no
  • Patent: no
  • I have no idea what is meant by case. As in a lawsuit?
  • Misc is what I will pick for now, but I guess citing research papers in a scientific work isn’t something happening so seldomly that one would have to resort to misc.

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