I know that there is a difference between Europe and US PhDs, but if one were to compare all Europe universities with each other and all US universities with each other, which one would have the least breadth requirements or may be even the most relaxed ones where one is required to audit courses or may be just acquire a passing grade.

The reason for asking this question is that I am soon going to join a university where I am not only required to take courses covering 4 areas(at least one in each), but I am also required to take advanced level courses in all 4. I for example do not have the background required to study an advanced level machine learning course, so I have to take first an undergrad course in ML (which wont count towards my degree) and then take an advanced level one. I am only advanced in my topic of interest, for the rest I’ll have to take undergrad courses. I am really excited about my field and can’t wait to tackle problems in it, but the breadth requirements scare me and I am really thinking if I should join the program. I also have to cover all the areas in four semesters.

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