This is not a usual question on this site, but I think it is appropriate nevertheless since I believe that members of this forum have vast experience on studying and all things that affect studying.

I am a student and I have a “problem” that’s basically this: when I start studying something I feel unpleasant and restless if I am not completely sure that I understand the content being studied. This sometimes leads me to spend “too much time” on a particular subject and one might argue that it is a waste of time. My personal opinion is that this is the only way to study, I don’t go to the next topic unless I have completely understood everything that’s presented and unless I’ve come up at least with one question that I have to resolve in order to proceed. Sometimes the number of questions increases and usually that’s what prolongs the studying of that particular subject.

However, many of my fellow students seem to be satisfied with just a basic understanding of the topic, and the questions that are keeping me from continuing, often don’t bother them at all.

What is the better approach to studying in your opinion and why would that be? Am I being too perfectionistic or am I just trying to have a complete understanding of the topic?

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