This likely varies by field; I am in the social sciences, but general insights on the topic are welcome.

We have two common capitalization schemes for article titles:

  • Title case (e.g. “Longitudinal Study of Cookie Consumption During Christmas”)

  • Sentence case (e.g. “Longitudinal study of cookie consumption during Christmas”)

Right now I list the title for each article as it appears in the journal. However, this means that the alternating papers are listed using different capitalization schemes, which doesn’t look good and decreases readability (especially if someone is scanning the CV quickly). Admittedly, this doesn’t have a huge effect, but I would still prefer to stick with a single style, especially as it wouldn’t take me a lot of time to dp this, and the CV plays a large role in my career.

I searched, but couldn’t find recommendations regarding this, and there is no single style which is prevalent in CVs in my field (which also emphasizes the fact that it’s probably not too crucial).

My question is which capitalization style would be preferable in terms of appearance and readability: title case or sentence case?

Thank you.

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