I have an interest in epistemology, and a critical viewpoint on our modern educational system.

If a student falls behind in a class he won’t likely be able to catch up, vice versa a fast student will be hindered by a slower class. This is the educational method everyone is subjected to from primary to high school.

In my opinion, the ideal system would be courses comprising a ‘checksheet’ and a companion text. The checksheet includes all the theoretical study points and practical points to complete the course. The student study on their own in a courseroom, andh ave the ability to clarify things with the help of an instructor or other students on a one-on-one basis.[1]

This system would be used in all formal education from primary school throughout college as a standardize method, and its certifications, issued by the main authority organization, recognized worldwide.


Here comes my question: for this to be effective there should be texts that can be relied upon for someone to learn from, ideally an objective compendium of the subject, containing all of its theory. It would be the result of the collaborative efforts of the greatest minds in the subject and be recognized as THE valid text for the subject by a non-profit association that would regulate the activity. There would be tiers the subject (and texts) is divided in, such as basics, intermediate and advance.

These texts would basically become the bible for learners of that subject.

This would deal with the dispersion people experience in wallowing through thousands of redundant texts, many containing opinions and at times incorrect data.


Would it be possible to put together such a work for all the subjects known to man? What would be the downsides? Is this already being done?

This is my first question on the site so please don’t destroy me, but recommendations for improvement where necessary are welcome!

[1] PS: (I’m not the inventor of the study method above, it has been developed by L. Ron Hubbard in the 50s ).

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